Mobile satellite communication (MOST)

    General Description

    MOST (Mobile Satellite Terminal) is a patented technology designed to meet the unique challenges of ground and airborne needs for broadband satellite GEO communication. The low profile and lightweight design will ensure best drag performance. MOST Efficient plug-in architecture of the electronics and control units, which combines transmission, reception and tracking capabilities with advanced stabilization system, ensures simple installation, maximum operational flexibility and minimum maintenance needs.

    Main Features

    • Low profile ODU
    • Standard Sat-Corn IF-TX, IF-RX, for maximum network flexibility transmission and reception
    • Standard modem agnostic replaceable hardware
    • Azimuth continues 3600 tracking, elevation wide angle tracking to enable consistent global coverage
    • Simplicity and low cost, with ability to operate in extreme conditions

    RF Features

    • Linear or circular polarization
    • High Power - SSPA
    • Compatibility with stationary Ku / Ka networks
    • Compatibility with OEM modems, BUC's and LNB's


    • 1" height
    • Heavy duty hi G-force load
    • Rotary joint, slip rings, encoder, bearing and mount are all horizontal assembly

    Tracking System

    • Complete INS on-board
    • Combined INS & signal strength tracking


    • Shaped reflectors
    • Cassegrian configuration
    • 1:4 aspect ratio